I have twenty years experience in the courier industry delivering packages to homes and businesses. Home deliveries cost these firms most in OT (money), fuel, time, pollution and employee burn out due to ancient, hugely inefficient methods used. My solution lies in adding a few lines at the checkout to be answered by the shoppers for a few cents. Do I task CRM coders to ready this for quick installation or involve merchants all the way? Thank you for your insight.

Very interesting concept. You need to understand the value proposition of your product to understand who is the stakeholder that you'll benefit the most.
As I see it from your short description you will be obtaining lots of data from the end users (customers). This data is not really of interest to the CRM but to the merchant. Is them who want to understand their client to be able to serve them better.
If you go to the CRM they would like it, but to package and sell it again to the merchants :)

Answered 8 years ago

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