id love to know if you do an induction process. How long should it be? You make them compete? You test them before?

I have a membership site with video training that companies use to train their salesforces.

Having set up many paid and commission-based sales teams over the years, here are the main issues:

> the less effort you put in at the beginning, the more turnover you're going to experience

> if you don't have consistent training, the process, impression and market presence of your salespeople will be all over the place and give you a poor reputation

> without a recorded (written, video) training program in place, your time as a manager and executive will be tied up by stupid questions repeatedly asked by different employees. May sound like a small thing, but this time adds up quickly. "When do we take breaks?" over and over again turns into a real annoyance and time waster.

Leave your hiring, training and assessment sloppy results in sloppy market presence and execution.

Answered 6 years ago

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