Hi, What is the objective and strategies to build a PMO department

The first step in establishing a PMO is to analyse the current situation. Look at the PM methods, processes, and tools used so far. Scrutinize the most important current projects for weaknesses. A project worthiness analysis tailored to your company will help you make this decision. Without a complete list, you will have no idea what people in the company are really working on. This list provides the up-to-date and accurate information needed for the portfolio reports management uses to make decisions. Remember to take a close look at your company’s existing project management processes. One important factor is your company’s organizational structure. Take a close look at the training opportunities and career paths available to those involved in project management. Your findings will help you determine the level of project management expertise in the company. Not everyone in the company will be enthusiastic about the creation of a PMO, so you will need all the good feedback about positive changes that you can get. The PMO is a service provider whose success depends on the satisfaction of its “customers”, namely, the stakeholders in the project environment. Each of these stakeholders has their own expectations of the PMO. Once you have established a PMO, it is a good idea to start by focusing on only one or two of these responsibilities. Stakeholders often tend to overburden the PMO with activities. It has one key responsibility ‒ the one derived from the stakeholder analysis ‒ and this should always be its primary focus. Get stakeholder input and agreement on this.
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Answered 8 months ago

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