From my experience, I see the industry has some sort of apprehensions..Not sure, what though. Would appreciate industry experts to share light on the topic and suggest how/what should be the approach to reach target prospects? Any reference would be helpful.

There is a lot of growth in data analytics, data visualization, data science and machine learning.

The main driver of this is that companies are starting to track a lot of data now that they have the technology available and the ability to gather it. This results in a huge increase in data science work.

One of the main challenges companies face is that they are not sure how great a data science firm is. So I would recommend:

1. Make sure to get reviews from your existing clients and introduce your prospects to past clients to give them a better understanding of your work.

2. Check out and try completing a few projects there as that will help you gain credibility and access clients

3. Check out and try signing up there are as getting a third party to vet your firm will help increase your credibility. Also VenturePact will help you connect with clients.

Answered 6 years ago

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