I am planning to launch a website which would sell database of varied sectors and geographies. This would include general company contact information along with C-level executive contact information like direct nos, emails, etc? I understand that this may have value for lead generation, surveys, screenings, etc. Do you guys think that this database has demand in the market? If yes, how do I market the products?

As far as I can understand from your business question, you are talking about database marketing. Database marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses databases of customers to generate targeted lists for direct marketing communications. The more useful data available, the more effective the campaign. Such data comes from several sources. Many businesses collect data as part of a typical business transaction. For example, since finance and insurance companies already must collect name, address, and other information for a sale, it takes little extra effort to retain this information in a database. Additional data comes in from customer service, which can keep a record of all their customer communications.
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Answered 9 months ago

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