I started working at a niche SaaS market 2 weeks ago (software is being sold to big corporations already for more than 20 years with high customer retention). All competitors including my company are doing the same digital marketing strategies (bet on same keywords, produce same webinars, whitepapers, testimonials, and the websites all look the same). The audience is older and don't respond to social media. Also, both the company and audience are conservative with a long sales cycle (1 year) and it's done through sales. I'm responsible for generating leads and improving website conversions. We are using a good marketing automation software. Competitive keywords don't generate qualified leads and competitors have 3x the money to invest. I'm thinking on trying long-tail keywords and building nice looking landing pages to match them, thoughts ? I'm not sure what will produce the fastest results. It seems that this type of software is sold through RFP process. Any other suggestions? I also though about using industry specific "mini apps" such as calculators or free online courses, but I need to produce results faster.

This kind of problems a lot of companies face but obviously there is a solution. Although, it would involve huge amount of patience and dedicated efforts but result is guaranteed.
Intensive use of LinkedIn is the best bet instead of focusing on keywords. A lot of people do use LinkedIn but their experience of generating qualified leads is not that great. I suggest you look for LinkedIn expert/Lead Gen Company who can help you to mine qualified leads which can eventually become your customers.
I am saying this based on my past experience of working with some of the top MNCs across the globe.
Should you need help, feel free to get in touch with me.

Answered 8 years ago

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