Hi there!

To get more business in IT industry please review if below points answers your questions:

1) Are you selling IT services or product ?
--> If services, then try to penetrate the market by sharing your services to possibly every available living person. (I mean it.)
--> If product, then find out and filter your targets. Your efforts will be more utilized when pitching this to a potential client.

2) We are stupid human-beings and that is why we require a very good support period, extraordinary support and very less turn-around time with extra layer of professionalism.
--> Do that! For you its business, for them its their money.
#Hostgator Team: Listen and tighten up!

3) Keep the price marginal for "Product based IT business" and affordable for "Services based IT business"

Thank you.
-- Bakul

Answered 5 years ago

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