Our product, HOT GIRLS PEARLS, is jewelry designed to keep women cool through hot flashes, for any reason they happen. We are totally redoing our website now, but want to make everything right as well as draw traffic. This is not a software or tech company, so it's difficult to find advice outside of that world.

While Pinterest and Facebook won't likely convert to sales in the way some of the more traditional marketing funnels will, they certainly can help you get leads and build a community around the topic of menopause. Like any "female"-related issues, it is a sensitive topic that is best handled on social by a women and an expert in the field. I would recommend partnering with a doctor and an everyday woman in that stage of life to provide Q&A style conversations on Facebook, along with inspirational tips and helps to guide them in every aspect of that age. People to go Pinterest and Facebook to relax and unwind, not necessarily search for products. But once you've built trust with that age group, they will see you as an ally and will be more open to marketing messages from you, as well. I would also use the Pinterest and Facebook connections to build your email list -- where you can be more targeted and specific with sales pitches such as discounts and promotions.

Answered 7 years ago

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