I have built just over 15k social media followers, through my posting of success quotes and entrepreneurial thinking. I want to create and offer a mini-book on changing your thinking for success. What is the best way to convert my followers into customers?

Monetization is a FUN topic when you have a (1. targeted following who (2. wants what you have to offer (or is actively seeking it). You've already got people raising their hands but you need to move them from "rented space" (social media) to "owned space" (an email list that you own.)

Adding too many steps to the equation just spreads your workload wider and pushes your end goal into the future. There is a very tactical approach that will convert these followers to customers but you've got to convert them to email list subscribers before they can be converted into paying customers. This is basic sales funnel 101. ;)

My suggestion is to take snippets and offer those as a Free ebook or cheat sheet or even a practical guide with an end result in mind. It should be GREAT content, free content, that leads them to your email list. (Make this decision strategically --look at some data to see what converts best)

From there, you can upsell your paid offers/ product(s) to your email subscribers.

The Free offer can be posted directly on your social media updates (periodically ), you can also make custom Facebook tabs that push folks to your email list, and there are more options depending on the specific platforms you are using.

You can add a blog (later) and post relevant content that leads them to sign up for your email list/free offer as the "call to action" at the end of the posts. BUT I wouldn't focus on this first because it's counterproductive if you already have an active following.

Building trust and serving these people with valuable content will almost always guarantee they join your list and purchase your offers.
The real issue that holds people back is consistent execution. So just go execute. ;)
All the best!

Answered 7 years ago

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