Looking for a list of investors who would consider a ticket size of $1-5 million for a couture house.

One of my clients received $500k funding ONE week after we did our pitch coaching session. What they learned from our session is to be 100% focused and not to follow the "scatter gun approach" that they had for the 9 previous months.

Another client was looking for 50 investors, and after our coaching in 3 weeks he raised 65% of the funds he needed from 2 investors! He said

"After our coaching session, the big change was that I realized that I just needed to approach confidently the bigger investors first."

You can create very quickly a list of investors interested in your field if you ask the right questions and understand your business, and industry like a pro.

Then you can start creating a more effective and efficient investors pipeline.

Basic questions to have answers to are:

• Who will be interested in your couture house?
• Who will benefit from seeing you succeed?
• Who will be hurt from seeing you succeed?
• Who was in your shoes when they started?
• Who is not yet in the industry and wants in?
• Who are all the richest players in your industry?

Other questions you will need to look into once you've got a list of investors to approach is:

1. How do you create a dynamic in which angels and investors WANT to meet you... rather you wanting to meet them?

2. What is your strategy for meeting angels / investors, for having conversations with them and for building useful relations with them?

3. How do you present your pitch?

4. What kind of questions do you ask angels / investors?

If you want to dive in further on how you can raise the money your couture house, get in touch to arrange a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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