I am currently working as an event demo specialist, love working with people. Taking a break from college-(I'd love to go back but want to be mentally ready and have a cause that pulls me. Some Interests are sports, personal development, travel, innovation in technology, helping others, being apart of something bigger than myself. The vision I have seems very idealistic, but I would like to work with someone who could help a turn these interests and ideas into skills and a good concrete road map!

Reverse engineer your outcome. Start with the end in mind and work backward.

If you love working with people, what does that look like?

Sales, coaching, teaching, therapy. Sit down and clearly define what type of work with people you find most fulfilling and start working backwards from that point to where you are today.

By understanding the bigger vision, you will be able to more effectively eliminate the pieces that don't fit and you will be able to identify the possible stepping stones much quicker.

Schedule a call to discuss this further.

Answered 6 years ago

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