We are a cellphone repair centre based in Ottawa, Ontario which specializes in cellphone & tablet repairs and provides our clients with excellent quality services at an affordable price

Start with creating your USP (aka Message).

This message will be the statement that sums up the reasons for doing business with you from THEIR perspective based on what THEY want (versus why YOU think they should do business with you).

It may feature a unique ability your company can provide - some feature or benefit or experience that they either can't get anywhere else or that you do better than anyone else - and I'd strongly suggest it NOT be based on your low pricing.

To do this - get very clear about what pain (or problem) your business gets rid of (or solves) and what promise you make to your market.

For example:

When you say "excellent quality" and "affordable"... what exactly does that mean and why should your market care?

-How will they KNOW it's "excellent" (according to them)? And do they want excellent? Maybe they want fast...

-What does "quality" mean and how will they know? If you fix my cellphone and it works... How is that qualitatively different from anyone else fixing my phone? Isn't fixed the same as fixed?

-What is "affordable"? And affordable for whom?

Lastly - When you say "specialize" - and then say cellphone and tablet repair... Does that mean you specialize in ALL cellphones and tablets?

Because when you say "cellphones and tablets" it sounds more like you generalize in a type of handheld electronic product.

A specialist is an expert in a small area of products or services. Think deep and narrow.

For example - You can specialize in repairing a certain brand - Such as "we specialize exclusively in the repair of Samsung cellphones and tablets"...

Or you can specialize in the repair of devices running on the Android platform....

(you get the idea)

Once you find your USP - use it in all of your inbound and outbound marketing platforms.

I wish you the best of luck in your marketing efforts!

Answered 6 years ago

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