I have setup a new company for online marketing and web development services and have very good team of experts. I need to get a good start but it's hard to establish trust with clients as a new company. What are good ways to quickly establish trust with potential clients?

immediaC has built and deployed more that 3000 website and mobile apps since 1998.

Here are a couple of ideas for you to establish your credibility and built trust fast:

1 . Go do some pro bono for your favorite charity or non-profit. (We work with the local theatre, a few non-profit sports clubs and a food bank.)

2. Your own website's speaks volumes about your ability. Make sure it totally rocks.

3. While your teams previous work might not be part of your company's official portfolio, you can talk about their specific industry experience and success.

4. Work your networks. People buy from people they trust. Virtually every company out there is concerned about their online strategy, and how to be effective online. It is overwhelming for many businesses. They want a trusted expert. The people you already know, and the people who already know your team, are the easiest to establish trust with. Start with them.

Happy to do a call with you if you like.

Answered 6 years ago

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