Planning on dropping off a cookie platter to a few local business to pass out to the employees and leaving a note that I will be back tomorrow to take orders. Was also going to include a link to a youtube video that introduces the cooking staff and our kitchen so people feel comfortable with the product. Which if any of this idea is good business practice and what should be adjusted.

1. First you need to establish who you are. Your identity. Then you need to create identity for cookies that you are making. What makes them so special? Is there something really different about them? Is it your grandmothers recipe that uses X and Y ingredients?
2. People need to know who you are so you can build that connection to your product.
3. YouTube videos are great to build awareness long as they are not cheesey.
4. I assume you have a website where people could order your cookie?
5. Since you have a Youtube video go down the KickStarter route and acquire customers that way.

The idea of going to local businesses is great but people need to know who is behind the cookies. That connection must be there to make it compelling.

We have cookies ordered to the office for meetings every week. The cookies are good. Do I know who makes them? No, but would I if I knew where it was coming from? Sure.

Answered 6 years ago

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