Our core need is pulling together and tracking all the touchpoints and interactions we have with people (whether they've engaged with us yet or not). We’re an online angel investing platform for healthcare. We also do expertise matchmaking as part of our model. Our relationships: 1. investors - these are high touch, and are both online and offline. 2. partners and coinvestors 3. Leads - Lots of people we've identified and targeted, but that haven't engaged with us yet. 4. people seeking expertise matchmaking -generally only online. Our activities/channels: - individual email - phone calls - campaigns/newsletters - drip/automated email campaigns based on segments - transactional emails - social interaction (mostly LI and Twitter) - some ad targeting/retargeting We send quite a bit of content through these channels too. We'll be doing more behavioral type email in the future, a la style emails. We also use referral and sharing functionality in our product and will be segmenting based on data we collect. The bonus is we are a startup in a new market, meaning we're poor, short on time, and have too few existing processes. :) What we want to do: - One place to see all our interactions, even if it's just integrating with other options. - accommodate engaged (contacts) and not yet engaged people (leads). tagging/reporting could work - segmenting based on criteria we set manually or from user data - Automated drip email campaigns - for onboarding and other types of campaigns - custom fields - Multi-select lists are critical in this - flexible reporting - adhoc report building especially - deduping against both leads and contacts when importing - I only bring this up since Salesforce doesn't seem to do this without an external tool. We don't want to double up different campaigns on people - Good API, at least for us to push data to

Hi, happy to jump on a call to advise with the setup of lead capture & nurturing through drip email sequences. Your man for advice on integrations would be Denis from Integration Agent

Answered 8 years ago

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