Obviously every individual is well,... and individual... so there are no real blanketed statements that can apply to everyone.

However, having been a entrepreneur since 9 yrs old, I can speak for myself in analyzing my greatest strength and weakness.

Weakness: Understanding the difference between being "capable" and being "experienced".

A ton of things in life come down to your experience level, and have nothing to do with natural born capabilities.

Growing up, we tend to participate more in things like organized sports, which at first exposure, is more dependent upon your natural propensity to be athletic or "capable" rather than your experience playing the game (that develops at later stages).

Many aspects of being an entrepreneur has nothing to do with IQ or natural born ability, but instead, your ability to be in tune with results and adjust based off experience. Typically, the more times youve gotten to witness something, the better your odds in doing it correctly :)

Being young however, it is difficult to rationalize or distinguish the difference... and thus when you fail (not if)... its harder to accept and understand why, because naturally you're thinking its "because you're not good enough".

Reality is, it's because "you're not experienced enough."

Strength: Ability to be open minded

My ability to be open minded, was also my ability to overcome that natural "hangup" of a young entrepreneur.

By really accepting the rationality - or cause effect - of results, a young entrepreneur can take themselves (and thus any reason to be emotional) out of the equation.

Being open minded empowers a young entrepreneur to be in tune with what matters - the results - and change accordingly.

Answered 7 years ago

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