Would you have put extra dose of studying or opted instead for an extra pack of strike anywhere positive attitude.

Oh yes, an entrepreneurs survival kit during the first year... (1) a reliable internet connection and of course the iPhone at a minimum
(2) a real network of support people, personally and professionally. Not "yes" people only, but friends and connections that help you build your resilience to stay in the game. They have a healthy combination of encouraging you and reminding you of your vision and strengths, while also able to give you tough love and pull you into line as you develop your vision and offerings
(3) cash cushion for 3-6 months so you're not stressing on a survival level
(4) Remember WHY you're doing this, your passion and enthusiasm is important to launch into momentum
(5) One key person you trust to really assist you to reconnect to your vision and take you on the mountain top for a review when you're caught in the trenches :-)

Answered 7 years ago

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