I have a marketing blog that has been collecting dust for a few years. The blog has great SEO value and has been mentioned on alot of big sites over the years. I turned my focus away from it to grow another business, letting it go cold. Over the years it grew to about 4k monthly unique visitors with a 1k email list. It's been occupying mind - should I relaunch and commit to it or focus the energy elsewhere?

I would suggest that you re-launch your old blog. It would prefer not to call it a re-launch, rather it is sort of a re-branding.
Here are few steps you might consider taking.
1. Update design. Consider flat and thin approach
2. Integrate social media
3. Start generating new and interesting content
4. Re-activate your social accounts
5. After having done sufficient amount of work, shoot an email to your list and friends as well. Let them know that you are back in town.
6. Devise new SEO plan and continue implementing.

There can be many more small things but I just wanted to give you some encouragement. Remember, it is always better to work with old domain.

It is a matter few weeks only when you will start seeing good enough improvements.


Answered 6 years ago

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