maybe something not yet mentioned is to actually protect your brand by registering it (through your national registering agency, OHIM or WIPO, as examples).
You should know if your brand should be registered by calculating the profit driven by brand traffic vs registration costs.
Sure, advertisers will always be able to bid on your brand, but as you register it (first) and let Google know you want it to be restricted (second) you will succeed in having many advertisers using your brand in their ads, to have their ads disapproved.
They might then change the ads, but won't be able to mention your brand in their text ad anymore, hence become a worst Quality Score. With a worst QS it will be less profitable for them to keep bidding on your brand intensively.
I have successfully implemented brand defence strategies for my customers, increasing profitability on both paid and organic channels.

Answered 6 years ago

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