I am one of about 200 holistic health professionals worldwide that practice a cutting-edge technique called Morphogenic Field Technique that applies quantum principles to human biology to develop custom nutritional and herbal protocols for individuals quickly and cost-effectively. There is a good book on the topic .. but many do not read. I am considering starting a podcast that will regularly communicate about MFT ... and am open to other possibilities as well. If I can put together a viable plan, I may be able to crowdsource some funding from the other health professionals. Open to great ideas.

I think the key would be to speak to what you are able to accomplish as a practitioner. If the mechanics are too complicated or lengthy to explain to everyone, then don't. I would focus on explaining the issue and then describing how your solution would fix it. Think about flying to the Moon, people wanted to do that and a dream was sold to the crowd by simply saying 'we will do it', most did not ask how the rocket would work! Let me know if this helps?

Answered 6 years ago

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