I am one of about 200 holistic health professionals worldwide that practice a cutting-edge technique called Morphogenic Field Technique that applies quantum principles to human biology to develop custom nutritional and herbal protocols for individuals quickly and cost-effectively. There is a good book on the topic .. but many do not read. I am considering starting a podcast that will regularly communicate about MFT ... and am open to other possibilities as well. If I can put together a viable plan, I may be able to crowdsource some funding from the other health professionals. Open to great ideas.

Simplify. Go explain the tool to a group of kids (I usually use my own) but someone else's will do just as well. Explain the tool to them and take notes. Keep track of points that confuse them and make a point to clarify until its clear.

Once you are done compile the notes into a presentation of your choosing or a Youtube short. Then market the heck out of that presentation. At the very least this will give people a basic grasp of the tools benefits. Best of luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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