I'm a tech guy but I don't know much about mobile and web technologies. There are so many technologies and more coming out every day - Mongo, Cassandra, SQL, NoSQL. How do I decide on my technology stack? I'd like help to build my architecture. Thanks!

Like others have said, it truly depends on what your project's goals are.

That said, there's going to likely be many viable options when it comes to the tech and after you've narrowed it down you'll have other factors to consider.

For example; how many developers are out there that use said technology? are they cheaper to hire compared to developers who might use a different technology?

How can one technology (be it a database or hosting provider) lower your overhead? Or how and when does it increase? How does that impact your margins?

Obviously there's a LOT to consider. Just know that the considerations go much farther than just, "what's the best language" or "what's the best database" ... Performance and popularity are not the only things to consider.

I did want to put together a site that would help people decide based on project requirements and explain trade offs. It's going to take a bit of time (so many options), but this is what I help people with all the time on Clarity.

Answered 7 years ago

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