I'm a tech guy but I don't know much about mobile and web technologies. There are so many technologies and more coming out every day - Mongo, Cassandra, SQL, NoSQL. How do I decide on my technology stack? I'd like help to build my architecture. Thanks!

You are the lead developer/CTO of a new and shiny Start-up. It seems that on the product side of things you know pretty well where you are headed. The next stage of course is to choose the right start-up tech stack to implement the idea and make the product “come to life”. In addition, if you have a lot of runway you can choose a technology that takes more time to develop in the short run but has stability, scalability, and maintenance benefits in the long run. For instance, if you have a lot of runway you might choose a compiled language which adds an overhead of compiling the whole thing before you run your code to test if it works . A little known at the time functional language and VM. In addition, it will be easier to hire a software architect and/or developers for your team. If you are not an expert on the tech stack you intend to choose, it is always helpful to have commercial support to assist you. Choosing the right start-up tech stack can have a crucial impact on the success of your start-up.
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Answered a year ago

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