I agree with Joe Putnam. It is not unique, but how many of us have responded to something similar to this question with, "Why didn't you just ask me?"

Secondly, the key word here is "personally." Tests and measures aren't personal. I don't know about you all, but my answers to tests, no matter how comprehensive, were determined by how I was feeling that day. My experience has been folks respond to a genuine interest in them. If you make them feel like what they say and feel matters to you, then you have no trouble getting them to open up. Yes, it takes work. But motivating others is an inside job. In fact, inspiration is what it's call. People feel inspired when you provide an environment that is conducive to that. Treat each individual with respect and interest and most of all, pay attention. Employ active listening where you reflect back to them in content and in feeling what they are saying to you. For instance, to the person who talks about providing for his family, you would reflect "Your family is important to you." Feeling understood or that you are making the effort to understand, he will agree or clarify. I believe that this will give you more than any tool, test or measure could.

As the Food Lion Lion says, "That's just my two cents."

Answered 8 years ago

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