Can I take an passive role in a business - I want to found a startup but don't want to do the interviewing. My passion is idea generation...Do I have to start a company myself or are there other alternatives to realizing these ideas.

To become an Idea person starting a business will be best, because that way you can propagate your idea in the world. Here are few steps to become an Idea person:
1. Examine what is closest to you: What do you do day in and day out that can be improved? Perhaps something currently takes 5 steps, but could be reduced to 3, saving time and money. Just because it has always been done one way, does not mean that it can’t be changed.
2. Read widely: If you read of a case study about a company similar to yours or that of a client about how they fixed a problem with success, think about how you could modify what they did to capitalise on the same success in your position.
3. Understand your organisation’s mission: You need to know, live and breathe your organisation’s goals, easier if it’s your business of course. Always remember who your job touches and how it impacts people.
4. Always have a fresh idea at hand: Before you go into a meeting or brainstorming session have some ideas in your back pocket. It is great to be prepared and awful to be called upon to contribute and have nothing to offer. This is a great opportunity to wow your colleagues, boss, or clients with well thought out positions and ideas.
5. Offer solutions, not problems: Creative people do not whine about the problems that they are faced with, they do something about it. Your clients and your boss are much more likely to listen and take on board your positive solutions and feel better about their interactions with you.
6. Get people on board with your ideas: Introduce your ideas in a public setting, that way its clear that it came from you. Do not worry if people poke holes at your ideas, just because your idea is shot down it does not mean that you are. A good way to offer ideas is by saying ‘can I have your opinion on this.’ You are not attached to the outcome and are more likely to get buy in.
7. Realise that not every idea will go through: Sometimes there is a business reason why ideas just cannot go through, it could be the technology or something to do with your customers. So, understand that being an ideal person means that some of your ideas will be rejected.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered a year ago

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