Wouldn't it make more sense to let potential users try out the product, as is the norm in B2C, leading to more client engagement and potentially more traction? And what's all the secrecy about?

THIS IS SO GOD DAMN STUPID. (Thanks for bringing up this topic. We have been steaming over here for days...)

Over here at the EDGY EMPIRE we have been trialing marketing automation platforms for the past few weeks. Almost every single one that we have looked at seriously (including Infusionsoft, SharpSpring, Ontraport, Marketo, Eloqua, and a few others...) all do "demos" and refuse to let you use the tool yourself.

Of course the sales person says to any question you have "Sure, we can do that..." until you ask them about 45x and force them to admit that what you want to do isn't possible. It's like a ridiculous game of cat-and-mouse -- except with my money.

They also ask for you to pay upfront and then give you 15-30 days to cancel and demand your money back. Which only adds to the decision-making madness.

This is such SHITTY business behavior. Some asshat in the front office actually thinks that he is super brilliant for engineering an inside sales process that "controls the conversation" and forces people like us through a pipeline.

FUCK YOUR PIPELINE (and all the stupid email open tracking that comes with it...)

Why not build a tool that people want to use? Why not develop a culture and nurturing environment where your target customer automatically wants to work with your product and your team?


Answered 7 years ago

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