This is easy... The easy part in what you're embarking to. Analyze or have someone analyze the type of listener for your music. Because you want to stand out and gain a fan base you want to avoid promoting (cluttering) the websites already used by all other new musicians out there. By having a core description and stereotype of your listening base you can then determine what social services they might be more likely and more welcoming to you promoting your music.
I helped a band use Instagram to grow their base as well as promote their touring. Now guiding an LA based hip hop group as to how to promote their new videos through FB and Instagram... Not every social media will be ok depending on the goal... Separate your goals such as grow fan count, generate sales for albums, get signed, etc.. Each goal should have its dedicated effort with either a mixture of social media sites or independent use of a social media site.. :)

Collaboration is a proven way to trifold your exposure by using the other artists' existing fan base and marketing mix.

If you have questions or need further guidance feel free to give us a ring!

Answered 8 years ago

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