I'm from Chile, and Inbound marketing is really new over here. I have been doing it for years for my previous startup with excellent results, and made some projects to bigger companies and now I want to create an agency to do this full time. This would be in spanish and I have freelance copywriters in my team. thank you!

Hello and congratulations! I have been operating my agency for about 15 years and I wish this type of platform was available then. It would have saved me years of wasted time and countless dollars.

First, know who you are targeting and who you are not. It will be tempting to take the wrong projects and lose sight of the right ones.

Second, know what you do and what you don't do. If you are focused on driving visitors through content, don't dabble in web design. Stick to your core competencies.

Third, know your internal processes for 1) attracting new customers, 2) your sales process, 3) your contract process, and 4) your on-boarding and reporting

These are the areas most agencies fail, yet are highly predictable and avoidable.

I'd love to help further. Let's setup a call!

Answered 6 years ago

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