Our service caters to home building, and the age old question appears- do you go after customers that build less homes, but potentially pay you more per home, or go after homebuilders that may pay less per home, but build much more homes (bulk)? Also, this is a new service that will help to sell homes, but also has a bit of early adopter/glamour angle to it, so is it better to land celebrity early adopters that can spread the word, but this may be at a loss in the beginning, or concentrate on doing as many projects as possible to generate cash flow? Next stage is angel investors and VC to scale, as it is a product as a service, so requires some human on-site presence per project.

This is a very good question. During various consulting engagements I have directed my clients in both directions. Assuming the quality of the customers are all equal the ideal situation would be diversified between both types of projects. This keeps you from having too many eggs in a single basket or doing so many projects that you may not be doing your best work. The personal solution for you lies in the bandwidth you and your team have. If you are financially stable enough and have the bandwidth to take on larger more lucrative projects you can add them to your product mix. If you are starting or have a tight cash position I would direct you to take on more of a rapid fire approach. In the end you are building a brand (either for yourself or your company) so please make sure the level of competence and professionalism are high.

Answered 7 years ago

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