We're a short story competition > < with a podcast. All the shortlisted stories are read by professional narrators and broadcast as individual episodes > < Each episode is 3-5 minutes long. There are no genre restrictions. Although our podcast audience has been growing, it's been a rather gradual growth. We wonder how we can get bigger exposure. Thank you for your answer in advance. P.S. We're a on-profit platform consisting of volunteers, so big advertising budgets are not for us.

The steps are simple, but podcast promotion is not easy.

1. Know who your audience is
2. Make GREAT content for THAT audience. Content that leaves them going "WOW I've go to tell my friends about this."
3. Go to where that audience is.
4. Make friends with them bringing value to every conversation.
5. Tell them about your podcast. (do not swap 4 and 5, they won't care about your podcast until they care about you).

If you're looking for the giant switch that gives you 10,000 downloads it doesn't exist. Other things that will speed things up is doing interviews and having those people promote their appearance.

Last never say the word, "only." As in "I only have 67 downloads." Those are people who chose your content over thousands of others. If this was a school 67 people would be 3 classrooms if not four.

As for tools, twitter, facebook, google+ (look for groups in Google and Facebook), for in person meetings. You build your audience one person at a time.

Answered 8 years ago

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