We want to create custom audiences to market real estate listings to so the more we do, the bigger the audience gets. Do you think this is a good use of marketing $$$ vs. sending that traffic to a real estate related opt-in to do the marketing in email format?

Not really..You would have to create an ad that stands very far out from the crowd...Check out Chris Record on Google...has a ebook called 350 Examples of Dark Post Ads...he does a good job of showing you some real estate ads.. What I have experienced is that you have to spend allot of money to get any ROI...just like real estate in general you have to reach this huge audience..they have to opt-in...and this occurs online with FB ads I would say at 1/10 of 1% of the people you reach. The upside can be if you spend $100's you may get a closing for $1000's... Great and unique offers are the only things that work online so I would put all my energy into creating an irresistible or very unique offer about you or your service...then spend on marketing.

Answered 8 years ago

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