I'm the founder of a mHealth start up based in Florida and am looking for a programmer with a vested interest in our product but can only offer equity. What are some of the best sites/platforms to find potential partners wanting equity?

It is possible, but you must create a unique and compelling story to share. What makes your company special? What problems is it solving? Why would someone want to come and work with you - especially if you are pre-revenue?

Also, are you offering ownership? Is you're really looking for a Co-Founder then that's a whole different thing. If that's the case, then go to every startup event in your area and start getting involved. Go to Startup Weekends. The more you get to know the community, the more people you will meet and the potential of finding someone willing to come in and help you build it increase.

Critical thing is that if you're not a Tech Co-Founder, then you'll need to share your ideas with those with the right background to build the company - share with everyone and seek their opinions - this will endear you to the right people!

Answered 8 years ago

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