Is it best to copyright and sell to companies to use as training, or offer it as a downloadable pdf to all.

All major platforms and standards are built upon convincing the world that you have the best controls for what ever it is that is being covered.

Before worrying whether it should be in PDF or how to sell it, you should worry about "selling" it. First, of course copyright all your work.

Now you need to get at least a few major companies to buy in on it so that you can then push it as the standard setter and license the platform's use. My suggestion is to give it away for free for a couple key customers in exchange for using them as testimonials. You can then leverage them to your best advantage in future marketing.

Depending on where you are trying to move this and what it is exactly, I may be able to assist you, especially in the Russian market.

Answered 8 years ago

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