I am asking this because my tech consulting firm has an opportunity to provide services to a newly created SEC in my country and one of their needs is a risk management solution. They already have a trading system in place, but I'd like to add other services I can propose. Some of the fields my company works on are: Web and Mobile Application Development Data Analytics (including Big Data) Network Security and Systems Administration SasS, PaaS and IaaS Identity and Access Management Cloud Hosting

The SEC is tasked to monitor, and punish if necessary illegal acts committed by trading in securities.

They are the "Watch Dog" of Wall Street.

Unfortunately, there are not enough skilled employees, and funds to really do their job, so a lot of unlawful acts slip through the cracks.

The SEC does enforce their regs. and will levy huge fines and other sanctions.

If you have additional questions, just call me. Thank you, Paul Trachtman

Answered 7 years ago

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