I am going to increase my daily passive/ semi-passive income to $333/ day. Currently I am selling eBooks, audio books, and get some interest income. I am looking for additional ways. Dividend paying stocks? Real estate is not something I am looking at right now. Also looking for a coach in this area. Someone to hold me accountable and help push me.

Have you considered adding another side hustle? You obviously have mad skills in a variety of arenas. Why not offer up your expertise on sites like Patreon, where patrons support you with cash for the content you create?

For instance, you could share your journey and how-tos around getting to $333 daily passive revenue. I think sponsorship is going to be the next big thing in content creation.

Now if you don't know what to upcycle- my word for recycling old content- that's another story entirely. LOL. Of course it makes sense to pick content you still feel some passion for and that resonates with your audience. These days I favor 'micro-solutions', just solving one basic problem. There's so much information available now that being succinct becomes a value-add.

Answered 7 years ago

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