I am going to increase my daily passive/ semi-passive income to $333/ day. Currently I am selling eBooks, audio books, and get some interest income. I am looking for additional ways. Dividend paying stocks? Real estate is not something I am looking at right now. Also looking for a coach in this area. Someone to hold me accountable and help push me.

I suggest you revisit real estate investing. The time is great to purchase properties under value from either short sales, foreclosures, or REO. I have been investing for years in real estate and it's been a consistent excellent investment with returns of 15% or higher annually. You can either purchase the physical asset (the real estate property) or you can purchase the note (the paper). Both of these have advantages, but the key is buying each for a big discount. There are several methods of doing this, even virtually, but you need to get educated and gain specialized knowledge before you dive in. I'm also a coach for not only business, but specifically real estate investing at

I hope that helps.

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Answered 7 years ago

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