Our little consultancy in Cambridge is working on email marketing projects with small companies all over the world, including local venture-backed startups. How can I find a way to close a project for the Microsofts / Wallmarts of the world? I imagine networking and meeting the "closable" personnel is important, as might be cold calling. I'm interested in any success stories or case studies on how us little guys might land a big co. Thanks!

All major business decisions are made on the basis of either trust or desperation. Both can be useful for the small consultancy. Trust can be surprisingly easy to build. For example, if you become a speaker at the local luncheons held by the various professional associations in your town, such as accountants, HR, lawyers, and so on, you will establish a reputation for yourself. Assuming you come across as competent, business will begin to find you, since your name will stick in people's minds as someone competent and trustworthy.

As for desperation, this happens to all companies at some point. You just need to be a known quantity that the company can reach out to when that sense of desperation ("we are not going to meet our deadline without bringing someone new on board") happens.

Answered 7 years ago

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