Our little consultancy in Cambridge is working on email marketing projects with small companies all over the world, including local venture-backed startups. How can I find a way to close a project for the Microsofts / Wallmarts of the world? I imagine networking and meeting the "closable" personnel is important, as might be cold calling. I'm interested in any success stories or case studies on how us little guys might land a big co. Thanks!


I've been working in one of the biggest agencies in the world before and now I own a small digital agency.

I've found a way to close big clients really easily by doing the following:

Connecting with them directly and identifying their biggest pain points.

Then you need to showcase that you understand them (mainly with content marketing and talking with them) and you know how to deal with that and making an offer.

The first thing I do is I find my niche, the people I want to work with. I connect with them and I ask them for an interview.

During that interview I don't sell them anything, I just want to learn more about their business, what are their current issues, challanges, etc. I'm looking for the biggest pain that I know how to solve.

If I identify one, I ask them if they want to receive free content on that topic. When they say yes, I put it in my database.

Then I start releasing some great content for them on the topic. Then at some point a make a sale by telling them we're growing and we have a few spots open for new clients. I make them fight to become one.

I used this system to talk to and close Fortune 500 and Inc 5000 companies so if you're interested to learn more, feel free to schedule a call. I'd love to share my ideals & methodology with you.

Answered 8 years ago

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