Fortunately, I have thought-leadership credibility in my niche. I've written for trade publications and been a speaker/panelist at conferences. The strategy I am leaning toward is to begin researching for a series of articles and conference presentation on a topic very hot on the mind of my niche (and 100 targeted prospects). In preparation, I could reach out individually to these prospects for their input on the article/presentation topic. That way I get excellent input and these decision-makers will also become familiar with me (and most likely view my website out of curiosity). Your thoughts on this approach or any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Many valid and insightful suggestions already.

Your requirement is "How to address them"
The simplest formula is this:

a. What is your target audience or who is this (can you group them)
b. Which problem of theirs do you solve? (or your product solves)
c. Add an active verb of the action
Example: An attorney who focusses on Divorce

a. Couple having marital problems
b. Looking for a speedy and freedom with no headache
Intro: I help unhappy couple settle amicably in shortest span of time

Intro of a Printer focusing on Small businesses:
I help small businesses sell more through my creative and cost effective printing materials

Some more tips:
a. Get to know their problems and focus on the top 3 problems
Can you create a "Do it yourself" material and help them solve these problems?
It can be distributed as a free download on your website
Or a Free Counselling could even help

If your work started yielding results then create stories of success---
Stories that is embedded with Testimonials
How did it help them --so to say
We can have a free ten minutes of call if required
All the best
Business Growth specialist
Chartered Marketer UK

Answered 2 years ago

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