Fortunately, I have thought-leadership credibility in my niche. I've written for trade publications and been a speaker/panelist at conferences. The strategy I am leaning toward is to begin researching for a series of articles and conference presentation on a topic very hot on the mind of my niche (and 100 targeted prospects). In preparation, I could reach out individually to these prospects for their input on the article/presentation topic. That way I get excellent input and these decision-makers will also become familiar with me (and most likely view my website out of curiosity). Your thoughts on this approach or any other suggestions would be appreciated.

If you know the audience well, get to their top 3 problems. Once you know this, relate yourself or your company to these.

People find interest only when you relate to them or their problems. It doesn't matter if you have the perfect solution or not, but they give you the attention that you needed. At the same time, don't boast about your achievement, because that again puts people off. How does it matter to the audience If you won the best company of the year! Its good for you, not them.

Start with a story as they have more power to drive things, because "Facts Tell, Stories Sell."

Answered 4 years ago

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