I work in tech in business development so I'm not sure my skill set would be something that a U.S employer couldn't already get from a employing a local. I'm not interested in marrying a girl I've just met. Is it better to start a company (which may take years to take off) or is it a case of getting an international transfer through an L1 visa after working for a big company for a year?

You can submit to a green card lottery. You can get a job and thus a sponsor for a visa. You can get an education visa or join the armed forces.

As for tech, yes, the US tech market never really recovered after it burst in the 2001-2003 time frame and the jobs are still pouring out. Tech employees are in huge demand in Russia, India and China. Russia is obviously the most European of the 3 and visas are very easy to get if you are in the highly qualified specialist category (15 work days from being submitted by your employer and no quotas). Minimum salaries have to be 2 million rubles ($55k/yr) and health insurance. Moscow has a 0.6% unemployment rate, Russia a 5.8% rate.

India and China also require sponsors. Salaries are much lower than Russia's and India is not nearly as sanitary....big India at least, your money will go much further than in Russia. Things are simply cheaper.

Answered 7 years ago

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