The service offers real time on the ground business activity verification and authentication solution for new Small to medium business online.

Launching any project involves a million and one moving parts. Each of them needs to be chosen with purpose, fitted to the others, tested, greased up, and set in motion.

Really, your question is a million and one questions.

Obviously, you'll want to look at the portal itself in terms of functionality and design.

Obviously, you'll want to to identify and understand your customer base, their needs and their reactions to your service.

Obviously, you'll want to be aware of competitors or existing solutions and position your service and sales pitch in order to be convincingly different / better.

Obviously, you'll need a marketing plan to reach customers -- and a way to measure its success.

Less obviously, perhaps, you'll want to think about your own branding -- including the brand name -- to ensure that all the energy you spend putting your product in front of folks results in a positive and lasting impression. If I can help in that regard, say hi.

Answered 6 years ago

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