We all have to start somewhere, so thanks for asking this question. Sure, it's been said a few times here already that more detail is needed to provide a solid answer and even then it will come down to preferences of the team and goals of the first version. That being said, to give you some direction -- I'd recommend starting your web based project with a web based project management system to flesh out the ideas. Even there you have a million choices from free visual collaboration options like Trello ( to industry standard software as a service project management systems like Basecamp ( to self hosted solutions like activeCollab ( I suggest collaboration tools because at some point you'll want to involve others in this project, it's in your best interest -- friends, advisors, contractors, maybe even clients and investors depending on what type of project it is.

Finding people on Clarity that could help you with fleshing this out would be good, people who know what they are talking about because they have launched web based projects before (and products, because projects and products are very different).

I'm happy to discuss anything from vetting your idea to make sure it's even worth building to what tools you might consider using to build it and where to find the team to help you do that (or where to learn if you are thinking of building it yourself).

Also I would tap into resources like books that get you thinking about Minimum Viable Products (like Lean Startup) and sites like Mixergy ( who interview people who have created businesses and web-based tools to learn from what they did well and from their mistakes. There are so many more things I could suggest for reading from blogs, books, videos and more but starting small is good to not overwhelm yourself. Most importantly though is making sure someone actually needs and wants what you are building before you invest all your time and energy into creating it (not to mention money). I have learned this (almost) from my work in developing products and doing web projects. Building something doesn't mean it will sell or be profitable so doing everything you can to validate that first is really important.

The world is open to you and a Clarity question is a great start, always remember that more specific questions will get you much more useful answers and save you time in the long run too.

Another great tool for planning and thinking things through might be MindMeister -- or another Mindmapping tool, it's great when you don't have a linear understanding of what's needed yet and you just want to get your ideas down while they are fresh on your mind then organize them later.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to schedule a call if you have follow up questions that I can help with.

Answered 7 years ago

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