1. The threshold question here is what business goals are you trying to accomplish with this web based project, what is your budget, what human resources you have and what your deadline is.
2. Assuming your budget is $0 to $1000 and you are looking to do e-commerce, I would recommend a solution like because the cost is minimal, the technical knowledge required is minimal and time spent is minimal.
3. If your budget is $1000-$5000, I would recommend using a combination of Wordpress and a theme from
4. If your budget is $5000-$25,000, I would recommend either Shopify or Magento Community.
5. If your budget is $25,000+ and you have programming resources and more than 6 months to complete your project I would need to ask you lots of additional questions to give you a more complete answer.

Answered 7 years ago

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