We are negotiating our first enterprise pilot with a health insurance company, they are asking for exclusivity for a six month time period to eliminate our selling to their three Competitors in our state. Should we negotiate a larger pilot/more revenue in exchange for exclusivity? Our team can probably handle 3 such pilots at the same time.

Yes. Six months is an incredibly short amount of time in the health insurance industry. Most of their contracts are a minimum of a year with purchasers if not longer and multiyear. The six month would be a great time for you to gain experience and working out any issues. It could also creat and element of FOMO with their competitors. I work for a health insurance plan and typically don't ask for any type of exclusivity when we use vendors. If anything, I want others using the service so our provider networks and populations are not pushed into using a very narrow solution. I'd love to learn more about your solution and help more.

Answered 2 years ago

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