I've built a network of eCommerce sites using WordPress Multi-site. My customers manufacture simple products and I'd like to build them a more robust web app that pulls in data using the wooCommerce API or upcoming WP-API. I'm new to programming and taught myself enough to setup my server (LEMP), build a custom theme and the multi-site network... I'm wondering if theres an open source solution that I can hack a bit to get the basic MVP built. I'm not enjoying PHP and so open to suggestions.

The best way to build an MVP for any SaaS product is to create a landing page that looks like a real product. Here's an example of one I built.

In this case, it advertises the primary features of the product and invites people to sign-up. When they do, they are asked for information which qualifies the person and then sends me an email.

I built this quickly and very inexpensively and started getting inbound leads from it shortly thereafter.

I got on the phone with each person who signed-up and explained the features I wanted to build and was able to do a lot of customer learning based on that.

Happy to talk to you in a call if you'd like to talk more about customer development with SaaS products.

Answered 8 years ago

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