When you start a business you enter into a perpetual sales role. An idea worth considering to earn money and sharpen your skills is a salaried sales position on second shift (or with a flexible schedule). Whether you find a phone sales, inside sales, or retail sales position, you will be paid while overcoming the obstacles you will face "off the clock" with your own business.

Second shift work (As longs as it is not too physical and exhausting) would allow you to have mornings free for working on your business with a fresh mind and allow you to be available for business meetings, key networking events, and high visibility volunteer opportunities.

Another direction you can take is to become a protege of someone who is doing what you want to do, or running a business the way you want to run yours. But these opportunities are harder to come by.

Whatever you do, have a sharp vision, get clarity of focus, and a sound strategy so that when you have time to work in and on your business you can engage in meaningful action. These steps can get you into a flow and momentum that are priceless.

All the best with your entrepreneurial ventures!



Answered 7 years ago

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