Get a full time job(s) doing what you do best. Sock away as much as you can and build a good credit score as fast as you can. When your score is great start acquiring credit cards but absolutely do not use them. Eliminate as many expenses as you can and do life lean and mean. In the meantime, study, plan, evaluate, think and move your business idea forward part time. Work your business around your full time job. When you have amassed lots of cash and opportunities to tap into credit then you will be ready to go full time. Or maybe the part time business will start producing enough profits to allow you to make the leap. In a start-up cash flow is king. You will make costly mistakes. Life will happen that will cost you money. Be ready for that. Treat this whole endeavor as the extremely important and life changing event that it is. It's going to suck the life out of you on good days so you had better be prepared. And make sure you have health insurance and disability insurance in place. You don't want to take too many chances that something will derail you. Again, cash is king. And by the way, I speak from experience. I started my own accounting firm which is a relatively safe business and it is arguably the hardest thing I've ever done (other than staying married)!

Answered 7 years ago

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