To make money with less time commitment sounds like oxymoron. There are no shortcuts to make money. Likewise, there's no shortcut to build business. It takes time, unquenchable passion, unmatchable perseverance, immaculate values, will to serve, and hunger to earn getting served to raise a business venture. You may not put all your eggs in one basket but you can't build a successful business venture in spare time. It has to be planned and with absolute dedication.

Make sure you either have enough savings to survive or you have family/friends who could help you in prolonged survival. Don't jump on the business bandwagon because anyone else is doing that. Businesses are built on a basis of opportunity cost, but those opportunity cost comes at the expense of sacrifice.

There could be various ways to take the first step forward, the best one could only be decided if you shed some more light on what you intend to do. Thank You!!

Answered 7 years ago

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