Depending on your skill set you could do the following things:

-Attend networking events see which folks need website maintenance. That is a good avenue for recurring monthly revenue

-If you have strong knowledge of Social Media. Find companies who does not have a strong social media/web presence and help build a social media presence. You charge monthly for social media strategy once it takes off. Recurring revenue.

-If you are good writer and active on TripAdvisor. You can move into reputation management so you respond back to customer complaints on behalf of hotels provide them with a weekly report with what people had to say. Recurring revenue.

-Build a wordpress website of projects you have built in the past. This is your marketing tool. Seeing is believing. Make sure you have a polished website

-Get on Behance, Odesk, Guru, and bunch of others. Make sure you bid on the lower end of things so you have a great chance of winning projects and build credibility in the ecosystem.

-Use Craigs List. It is a crap shoot but it is always worth a shot perusing.

Answered 7 years ago

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